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Try Silverpeas easily

We provide an easy way to try Silverpeas using Izpack with a pre-configured JBoss Server and an H2 Database.

You have to have a Java 6 JDK installed.
This version is not suitable for production !.

  1. Download the installer (~ 253 Mo)
  2. Run the following command (or double click on the jar file) java -jar Silverpeas-5.13.1-installer.jar
  3. When all has been installed, go to the bin directory under the installation directory and run the following scripts in that order
    1. start_db.bat (thus starting the database). Don't close the console
    2. silverpeas_start_jboss.cmd (to start Silverpeas)
  4. Now you can open a browser to http://localhost:8000/silverpeas an login using the account SilverAdmin/SilverAdmin
  5. For Mac Users, there seems to be a problem when trying Silverpeas offline, Mac OS X Lion doesn't resolve localhost. If you encounter this issue, use the following command:
    sudo ifconfig en0 alias

Ready for the Cloud

Silverpeas is also ready to be deployed in your cloud, thanks to our partner UShareSoft. So if you want to give it a try go to our page explaining how to get a cloud-ready image of Silverpeas.

GNU/Linux Native Packages

We are also providing GNU/Linux native packaging of Silverpeas. So if you want to give it a try go to our Debian and RPM packages repositories

These packages are ready for both a try or a production use, but we don't guarantee the upgrade will work fine between major versions of Silverpeas.

If you want to help us to provide a better packaging or propose new formats, feel free to look at the Github project or to fund our efforts.


If you encounter a problem during installation or if you have any question, you can post them on the users mailing-list