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Monday 13 February 2017

SnowCamp 2017, it still rocks nuts!


Like the last year, I attended the SnowCamp, but this time, in its version 2.0: SnowCamp 2017. This very nice event whose the principles were already presented in this post is scheduled in Grenoble, in the Alps in France, by a team who is passionated about the computer sciences, the technologies of the Web and programming.

As I have the chance to work with one of them, Miguel Moquillon, I felt really I have to write a feedback about these extremely enriching 3 days, from Wednesday February 8 to Friday February 10! The event even lasted for 4 days for those that were interested to ski for a one full-skying day was planned Saturday in the Chamrousse ressort that overhangs Grenoble.

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SnowCamp 2017, ça envoie toujours de la noix !


Comme l'année dernière, j'ai assisté au SnowCamp, mais ce coup-ci, dans sa version 2.0 : SnowCamp 2017.
Cet événement fort sympathique, dont les principes sont déjà bien expliqués dans ce billet, est organisé sur Grenoble, en France, par une équipe de passionnés autour des Sciences, des technologies du Web et du Coding.
Comme j'ai en plus la chance de travailler quotidiennement avec l'un d'entre eux, Miguel Moquillon pour ne pas le nommer (bisous mon coeur), je me devais de faire un petit retour sur ces 3 jours, du mercredi 8 au vendredi 10 février, qui ont été très enrichissants !
Pour certains, cela a même duré 4 jours puisqu'était organisé sur le samedi 11 février, pour les intéréssés, une journée entière consacrée aux descentes des pistes proposées par la station de Chamrousse qui surplombe Grenoble.

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Silverpeas available as an official image in the Docker Hub

After almost 6 month in working on a Docker image of the incoming Silverpeas 6 and after several feedbacks from the Docker team, we have the pleasure to announce Silverpeas 6 is now available among the official images in the Docker Hub.

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Tuesday 3 May 2016

In the way of Silverpeas 6.0...

After about 1 year of intensive development on the next major version of Silverpeas, we pushed in April the code of Silverpeas 6 into our official Github repositories. Yesterday, we released the first pre-version of Silverpeas 6.0: 6.0-alpha1. You can download this version from our web site. A docker image of this version is also available for only testing purpose in our Docker Hub repository.

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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Short review of the SnowCamp 2016

Sticker_SnowCamp_2016_-_CommitStrip.png The SnowCamp 2016 has occurred the penultimate week of January (from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23) in Grenoble, France, and Silverpeas was an important partner to this event. What has done the SnowCamp a particular event is firstly to open his doors not only to the coders but also to the PhD and Computer Scientists in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and to set a nearly place for encounters between the universitary world and the software industry, and secondly to plan a day of skiing with the speakers and the attendees. The SnowCamp was divided into three periods, Wednesday was for the University, Thursday and Friday was for the Conferences, and Saturday was for the Unconference, a day of skiing in the near mountains surrounding Grenoble.

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Monday 30 November 2015

Silverpeas 5.15 is out ... and Silverpeas 6.0 is in build

Today is an important date. After more than one year of development, Silverpeas 5.15 is finally out. This version should be the last one of Silverpeas 5. Indeed, Silverpeas 5 is built on a now deprecated and old technologies and it is time for Silverpeas to take a new milestone. In parallel to the 5.15, we have also been working on the next major step in the life of Silverpeas: Silverpeas 6. In fact, all the features you'll find in 5.15 were merely backported from the future 6.0.  This is why Silverpeas 5.15 is rich in features and has therefore taken more time to be ready. The main difference between the two versions is that in 6.0, Silverpeas will be based upon more recent and hence modern technologies from which we are expecting both to be more productive and to better answer to our users' expectations.

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Tuesday 21 April 2015

OOP and the path of the oriented-services architecture styles

OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) was coined by Alan Kay to define the programming way driven by Smalltalk. In his mind, the approach was to code objects as computing units encapsulating local state-process and communicating between them by messaging to perform higher coarse-grain computation. It was in the 70's.

In another way, there were different attempts to define a communication model between different programs to share information in order to perform higher level computation. We passed from the simple client/server model to the actual emerging SOFEA model (Service-Oriented Front-End Architecture) that extends the service-oriented architecture principles up to the client side.

As we can see, the two seem to be related.

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Thursday 12 March 2015

Feedback of my use of IntelliJ IDEA

When I began to work for Silverpeas in 2012, I used to use Eclipse as IDE for my everyday work. Some of the staff were working with others IDEs, among them NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA. Because the life-cycle of the Silverpeas build is based upon Maven, we can choose any IDE that fits our habits and our needs. But one day, in the case of the development of a transverse functionality implying important impacts on the code base, I needed an IDE that provides me strong debugging and refactoring capabilities while maintaining a good pace of productivity. That's why I ended up using IntelliJ IDEA after being arched by some other IDEs. Silverpeas being an Open-Source project covered by the AGPLv3 Free Software license, our team has a free license for the Ultimate Edition of IntelliJ IDEA; without it, I would have probably never given a try to this IDE. Now, after using IntelliJ IDEA for 2 years, with this post, I can give you my own feedback divided into several sections, each of them covering a part of IntelliJ I like.

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Monday 2 March 2015

Happy Birthday Java!

We are in 2015 and this year we celebrate the 20 years of Java, the language with which Silverpeas is mainly coded. We take this opportunity to remind the context from which Java is born.

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Thursday 26 February 2015

Fork me, I'm famous

Silverpeas is a free and libre project that values meritocracy. In code we believe!

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