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Silverpeas 5.15 is out ... and Silverpeas 6.0 is in build

Today is an important date. After more than one year of development, Silverpeas 5.15 is finally out. This version should be the last one of Silverpeas 5. Indeed, Silverpeas 5 is built on a now deprecated and old technologies and it is time for Silverpeas to take a new milestone. In parallel to the 5.15, we have also been working on the next major step in the life of Silverpeas: Silverpeas 6. In fact, all the features you'll find in 5.15 were merely backported from the future 6.0.  This is why Silverpeas 5.15 is rich in features and has therefore taken more time to be ready. The main difference between the two versions is that in 6.0, Silverpeas will be based upon more recent and hence modern technologies from which we are expecting both to be more productive and to better answer to our users' expectations.

With its 75 new features, Silverpeas 5.15 improves the user experience by enriching its catalogue of applications (Suggestion Box, Workspace Members, ...), by enhancing some existing applications (The News, Online Forms, ...)  and by reworking a lot of its transversal functionalities (drag&drop, online edition, subscriptions, notifications, ...). Besides that, a great number of bugs have been fixed (no least of 76 bugs). We wish to thank the organizations that have joined our community or users (and customers): Versailles, Châteauroux Métropole, the BTCF group France Nature Environnement and the Grand Council of Mutuality.

Among the new applications, the Suggestion Box is probably the more noticeable one. With this application users can share suggestions about a given topic and they can also rate them according to their value; from them can emerge a better efficient way to find a constructive solution. The two applications that have been more deeply enhanced are The News and Pictures Gallery. The News were rarely used due to its own limitations and a DEM application, in combination with Delegated News, was then been prefered to publish news. Now The News have been reworked to occupy the place that should be hers. The news are now displayed in a more editorial way and it's more easy to edit and to publish news. The users can also be notified a news has been published and they can comment it. News can also been broadcasted in the platform in a different way like as a sliding tiker and they can be proposed to Deletaged News to be displayed in the home page. Pictures Gallery has been also evolved but in features: it is no more a picture gallery as it supports now other medias like sounds and videos. For the circumstance, the application is renamed to Multimedia Library. For instance, only MP3 music, and MPEG-4 and FLV videos are supported, but it is possible to publish a streaming videos from the popular websites Youtub, DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Since its release in 2010, Silverpeas 5 has continued to be enriched both from a functional and from an ergonomic points of view. It has been so evolved that Silverpeas 5.15 could be a 6.0 version. Five years have been passed during which Silverpeas passed from JBoss AS 4 to JBoss AS 6, his features have been enhanced to meet the ever bigger expectations of its users and its ergonomic has been improved to offer more reactivity with the use of AJAX technology and of JavaScript components. It is now time for Silverpeas to turn the page of an era and to take a new step to meet new challenges. This is why, for almost one year, in parallel with version 5.15, our team has been working on a new major version: 6.0. This version will start Silverpeas 6 by modernizing both its technical architecture and the user experience. The goals are clear:

  • to increasingly facilitate the realization and the enrichment of new features,
  • to meet the standards of the time and those who already emerging in terms of design and ergonomic

Silverpeas 6.0 will be however little different in functionalities to 5.15; we have chosen to allow users of Silverpeas 5 to also enjoy the advanced features of the 6.0 without having to pass immediately to version 6. The great difference is that 6.0 will use the latest technologies and it will lay on the foundations from which the future developments will be built. Silverpeas 6 is a new milestone that will take deliberately the direction of the SaaS. In the future, we are expecting to separate the GUI from the business engine. By separating them, it will be more easily to evolve the GUI in order to embrace new ergonomic approaches as well as new Web technologies without interfering with the business engine. In the other side, the business engine can then been more easily interfaced with other applications and GUIs. In this context, Silverpeas 6 will primarily focus on the business engine by both better structuring its core and by enriching its REST web services based interface that will be more and more used by the GUI and other Web applications.