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Short review of the SnowCamp 2016

Sticker_SnowCamp_2016_-_CommitStrip.png The SnowCamp 2016 has occurred the penultimate week of January (from Wednesday 20 to Saturday 23) in Grenoble, France, and Silverpeas was an important partner to this event. What has done the SnowCamp a particular event is firstly to open his doors not only to the coders but also to the PhD and Computer Scientists in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and to set a nearly place for encounters between the universitary world and the software industry, and secondly to plan a day of skiing with the speakers and the attendees. The SnowCamp was divided into three periods, Wednesday was for the University, Thursday and Friday was for the Conferences, and Saturday was for the Unconference, a day of skiing in the near mountains surrounding Grenoble.

The SnowCamp started Wednesday 20 by the University, a day of training courses on some technology subjects. It took place at Grenoble's World Trace Center.


The proposed courses were:

  • Learn about Apache Cassandra with DuyHai Doan
  • Get started with OpenShift! with Marek Jelen
  • Play with OpenStack with Sylvain Bauza
  • Let’s start to discover Elasticsearch and Kibana with David Pilato (a half-day training)

The next two days, the conferences were performed in the previous buildings of the ENSE3, now owned by ENSIMAG, in the Scientific University of Grenoble. From this place, we could glance at the surrounding snowy mountains.


The conferences started by the keynote of Sacha Labourey in which he told us how today the software is in every place and that it will take more and more place in our daily. As such, our role as software programmer is becoming more important and as such we should manifest more responsibility in how we work and on what we do.


The Friday keynote was performed by Thomas Guenoux of CommitStrip and it was an humorous tale on the childhood of the coder that has echoed in us.


During the two days of conferences various subjects were covered: IoT (Internet of Things), Devops, Web, Big Data, software development, and innovation in a form of either talks or workshops. Among those that we have attended, there were some presentations of a tool that can be interesting to bring to Silverpeas and there were some talks interesting for their innovation taste. Among the tools that can be interesting for Silverpeas there is Keyclock that can be used as a centralized authentication service, and ElasticSearch that can advantageously replace our own custom mechanism of indexation and content search. The talk about Riot.js was also interesting; we had studied different Web technologies in the idea to refactor the Silverpeas GUI in order to improve the user experience, and it is worth for us to make also a proof of concept built upon Riot.js.

The last day was for skiing and, as an organizator, I took a pleasure to ski with some of the SnowCamp speakers in Chamrousse. We were few and we made three groups from 3 to 5 persons. The sun was in rendezvous but the snow wasn't awesome; it was compact and crushed, mainly down the ski slopes.


As a conclusion, from the feedback from both the attendees and the speakers, we can say the SnowCamp 2016 was a successful event that was organized in only 3 months!