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SnowCamp 2017, it still rocks nuts!


Like the last year, I attended the SnowCamp, but this time, in its version 2.0: SnowCamp 2017. This very nice event whose the principles were already presented in this post is scheduled in Grenoble, in the Alps in France, by a team who is passionated about the computer sciences, the technologies of the Web and programming.

As I have the chance to work with one of them, Miguel Moquillon, I felt really I have to write a feedback about these extremely enriching 3 days, from Wednesday February 8 to Friday February 10! The event even lasted for 4 days for those that were interested to ski for a one full-skying day was planned Saturday in the Chamrousse ressort that overhangs Grenoble.


The first day, the University, is different from the two next days for it takes place at the World Trade Center of Grenoble and for it is dedicated to the learning and to the training of the attendees in a given chosen technical subject. The goal is to share the knowledge essentially by the practice through dedicated exercices the animators had prepared.

I personnaly attended the two following tracks:


  • Be prepared to the modularity of Java 9 (in the morning): the new major features in Java 9 were presented to us. I should like to give you advance warning that passing to Java 9 won't be so easy! Fortunatly, the practical exercices show us how the way to the modularity of Java can be done iteratively. Ouf!


  • Event Storming (in the afternoom): understanding the business domain in another way. Three surprising hours without touching neither the keyboard nor the mouse! The Event Storming is a method coming from the DDD (Domain Driven Design) whose the goal is to model a complex issue and in which the stakeholders are both the customers (the expert in their business), and the implementers (software architects, coders, etc.). They work together by following dutifully the concepts of the method and with some simple tools: a large wall, a deep set of post-its in several colors, and some black markers. After practicing it into a concret simple example, I'm convinced about the efficiency of this method.

Of course there were also others proposed tracks:

  • Conquer the world with CoreOS
  • How to manage a software project with Github in an asynchronous way with a distibuted team
  • Develop a Microservice architecture using Wildfly Swarn
  • My React/Redux application in production in 3 hours with Firebase
  • Build together a pipeline with Jenkins and Docker
  • Develop a time series application with Apache Spark, HBase and the Kafka API
  • Build and secure microservices of our own in 180 minutes with Wildfly Swarm, Keycloak et Force
  • Progressive Web Apps with Polymer


The two following days took place in the Alpes University of Grenoble.

Each of these days began first with a breakfast following by a keynote at EVE (Espace Vie Etudiante). The Thursday keynote was conducted by Mark Little, of RedHat. He made an assessment on the world of the Open Source, how the Open Source has expanded over from the research area to the industrial world, and for what reasons. The Friday keynote was conducted by Thierry Carrez, of OpenStack Foundation. He explained us how they were organized themselves with few people to take in charge 90000 commits per year coming from contributers all around the world, and ensuring at the same time both the non-regressions and the quality requirements.

After each keynotes, the attendees were convied into the PILSI building (Pôle international d'innovation pour les logiciels et systèmes intelligents) of the LIG (Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble) where more 20 talks took place each day!!

Like the previous SnowCamp, the subjects of the talks were varied so that everyone could find its interest: IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud, Discovery, Security and of course the Web were addressed. I'm sure the talks I attended will let us improve Silverpeas.

The success of the SnowCamp - around 290 persons having the chance to attend this version that was sold-out 1 month before the event starts - comes probably from the 3 following points:

  • The strong desire for the organizers to share their ideas and their key methods to increase the chance of project success with the customers.
  • Each one can satisfy his thirst for divescovery and for innovation with more or less unusual talks, like for example the one about the question: how to manage several protocols, the data processing and the security between a beer pump and a bottle opener both connected?
  • Each choice of the organizers is built upon a tast for warmth: breakfeasts well stocked, good local products, friendly area, greets & meets at the end of Thursday, without omitting la Chartreuse to toast for friendship at the end of the event!!!

Well done to the organizers but also, of course, the speakes that succeeded to share their knowledge with mastery and passion.

Quickly the SnowCamp 2018!