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Thursday 12 March 2015

Feedback of my use of IntelliJ IDEA

When I began to work for Silverpeas in 2012, I used to use Eclipse as IDE for my everyday work. Some of the staff were working with others IDEs, among them NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA. Because the life-cycle of the Silverpeas build is based upon Maven, we can choose any IDE that fits our habits and our needs. But one day, in the case of the development of a transverse functionality implying important impacts on the code base, I needed an IDE that provides me strong debugging and refactoring capabilities while maintaining a good pace of productivity. That's why I ended up using IntelliJ IDEA after being arched by some other IDEs. Silverpeas being an Open-Source project covered by the AGPLv3 Free Software license, our team has a free license for the Ultimate Edition of IntelliJ IDEA; without it, I would have probably never given a try to this IDE. Now, after using IntelliJ IDEA for 2 years, with this post, I can give you my own feedback divided into several sections, each of them covering a part of IntelliJ I like.

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