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Monday 30 November 2015

Silverpeas 5.15 is out ... and Silverpeas 6.0 is in build

Today is an important date. After more than one year of development, Silverpeas 5.15 is finally out. This version should be the last one of Silverpeas 5. Indeed, Silverpeas 5 is built on a now deprecated and old technologies and it is time for Silverpeas to take a new milestone. In parallel to the 5.15, we have also been working on the next major step in the life of Silverpeas: Silverpeas 6. In fact, all the features you'll find in 5.15 were merely backported from the future 6.0.  This is why Silverpeas 5.15 is rich in features and has therefore taken more time to be ready. The main difference between the two versions is that in 6.0, Silverpeas will be based upon more recent and hence modern technologies from which we are expecting both to be more productive and to better answer to our users' expectations.

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Tuesday 21 April 2015

OOP and the path of the oriented-services architecture styles

OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) was coined by Alan Kay to define the programming way driven by Smalltalk. In his mind, the approach was to code objects as computing units encapsulating local state-process and communicating between them by messaging to perform higher coarse-grain computation. It was in the 70's.

In another way, there were different attempts to define a communication model between different programs to share information in order to perform higher level computation. We passed from the simple client/server model to the actual emerging SOFEA model (Service-Oriented Front-End Architecture) that extends the service-oriented architecture principles up to the client side.

As we can see, the two seem to be related.

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