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Technical Administration

JBoss is listening only on localhost. How do I configure the binding address(es) ?


  • You can only reach Silverpeas using localhost or
  1. Stop Silverpeas.
  2. Edit the file orsilverpeas_start_jboss.cmd and on the last line append
    before the -c.
  3. Restart Silverpeas

Jboss should be listening on every IP address.

How do I configure the default SSL port for JBoss ?
  1. Stop Silverpeas.
  2. Edit your specific properties configuration file (i.e. CustomerSettings.xml, see below) and append
    <fileset root="${JBOSS_CONF}/bindingservice.beans/META-INF/">
      <xmlfile name="bindings-jboss-beans.xml">
        <parameter key="/deployment/bean[@name='StandardBindings']//bean[property = 'HttpsConnector']" mode="update">
          <value location="property[@name='port']">${JBOSS_SSL_LISTEN_PORT}</value>
    as a silverpeas-settings tag child.
  3. Configure JBOSS_SSL_LISTEN_PORT in $SILVERPEAS_HOME/setup/settings/ For example :
  4. Launch SilverpeasSettings script (.bat or .sh)
  5. Restart Silverpeas

Warning : this is not enabling a SSL connector. For this purpose, you still need to uncomment the SSL connector in JBoss server.xml

How do I install JBoss as a Windows service ?
  1. Stop Silverpeas.
  2. Edit $JBOSS_HOME/bin/run.conf.bat. Add an empty ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTS variable, initialize PROFILE variable and add the -server option at the first JAVA_OPTS line :
    rem # these variables will be set by SilverpeasSettings script
                  set ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTS=
                    set PROFILE=default
                  rem # JVM memory allocation pool parameters - modify as appropriate. Memory params will be set by SilverpeasSettings script
                  set "JAVA_OPTS=-server -Xmx2048m -Xms2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m"
  3. You can customize service name, display name and description by editing SVCNAME, SVCDISP and SVCDESC in $JBOSS_HOME/bin/service.bat. For example :
    if "x%SVCNAME%" == "x" (
                  set "SVCNAME=Silverpeas"
                  set SVCDISP=Silverpeas X.X
                  set SVCDESC=Silverpeas X.X on a JBoss Application Server 6.1.0
  4. Edit your specific properties configuration file (i.e. CustomerSettings.xml, see below) so that the SilverpeasSettings script update some parameters (Java options and JBoss profile) in the same way as start/debug commands. Append :
    <fileset root="${JBOSS_HOME}/bin/">
      <textfile name="run.conf.bat">
        <parameter key="-Xms[0-9]+m" use-regex="true">-Xms${RAM_MIN}m</parameter>
        <parameter key="-Xmx[0-9]+m" use-regex="true">-Xmx${RAM_MAX}m</parameter>
        <parameter key="-XX:MaxPermSize=[0-9]+m" use-regex="true">-XX:MaxPermSize=${PERMSIZE_MAX}m</parameter>
        <parameter key="PROFILE=[a-zA-Z]+" use-regex="true">PROFILE=${JBOSS_SERVER_PROFILE}</parameter>
        <parameter key="ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTS=.*" use-regex="true">ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTS=${JAVA_OPTS}</parameter>
    as a silverpeas-settings tag child.
  5. Launch SilverpeasSettings script (.bat or .sh)
  6. Install service :
    cd /d %JBOSS_HOME%\bin
                  service.bat install
  7. Silverpeas can now be launched as a service

On my Mac OS X I can't access a local Silverpeas installation.


  • My Mac doesn't resolve localhost or when offline.
  1. Stop Silverpeas.
  2. Execute the foloowing command:
    sudo ifconfig en0 alias
  3. Restart Silverpeas

You should be able to resolve localhost on your Mac now.

Thanks to Galder Zamarreño for the answer (InetAddress.getLocalHost() resolution on OSX Lion when offline)

JBoss Hornet Q won't start with AIO library ?


  • Silverpeas doesn't start.
  • You have something like this in the boot.log
          ERROR [AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Start: name=JMSServerManager state=Create: HornetQException[errorCode=205 message=Can't open file]
          at org.hornetq.core.asyncio.impl.AsynchronousFileImpl.init(Native Method) [:]
          at [:]
  1. Stop Silverpeas.
  2. Edit the file hornetq-configuration.xml adding just before the closing tag "configuration" :
  3. Restart Silverpeas
  4. Check the logs for verifying that the fix is done.

Jboss should be ok.

How to fix a corrupted JCR ?


  • Silverpeas doesn't start.
  • You have something like this in the traces.txt
          ERROR : failed to read bundle: b623a49a-d944-4f33-9412-efca41c7a75f: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid namespace index: 11
          ERROR : Node /attachments/kmelia76/Attachment/Images/4825 (ac61b0c4-1b92-429d-b695-f62950e73627) has missing child 'Cahier de gestion de l Education juin 2010.xls' (b623a49a-d944-4f33-9412-efca41c7a75f)
          ERROR : Failed to initialize workspace 'jackrabbit'
          javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Error indexing workspace: Error indexing workspace: Error indexing workspace
  1. Stop Silverpeas.
  2. Edit the file repository.xml adding into the section "PersistenceManager" :
    <param name="consistencyCheck" value="true" />
    <param name="consistencyFix" value="true" />
  3. Comment the section "SearchIndex"
  4. Restart Silverpeas
  5. Check the traces for verifying that the fix is done.
  6. Stop Silverpeas and put the file repository.xml into its previous state.

The JCR should be ok.

How do I upgrade my Silverpeas installation ?

Edit the file $SILVERPEAS_HOME/bin/pom.xml and change the version value (fort example, use 5.3.).

In order to know the last available version got to

How do I configure the maximum size for an uploaded file ?

The maximum size for an uploaded file is configured in the file ${SILVERPEAS_HOME}/properties/org/silverpeas/util/uploads/uploadSettings. You have to change the value for the key

with a size expressed in bytes.

For example to limit the size of an uploaded file to 15 Mo, the value should be (15 x 1024 x 1024) :

How do I restore files sent into a workflow ?

The files are stored in the directory


How to configure Silverpeas to use rolling log files?

The file traces.txt can grow significally. You can use a rolling file for the logs.

This can be achieved by configuring the Silvertrace.

Edit the file ${SILVERPEAS_HOME}/silvertrace/ and configure like this :


Thus the file traces.txt will be renammed each week.

How do I keep my specific properties configuration ?

You must pay attention not to manually change properties because you will lose them when you will upgrade Silverpeas.

Silverpeas provides an XML file called "CustomerSettings.xml" which is dedicated to that.

this file located in $SILVERPEAS_HOME/setup/settings contains all the specific settings.

In the extract of this file below you will see how to change a simple properties file such as an XML configuration file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<silverpeas-settings product="Custom">
  <!-- simple properties file -->
  <!-- Change the property userSessionTimeout inside ${SILVERPEAS_HOME}/properties/org/silverpeas/peasCore/ file -->
	<fileset root="${SILVERPEAS_HOME}/properties/org/silverpeas/peasCore/">
    <!-- Path of the properties file is
		<configfile name="">
			<!-- Change the session timeout in minute -->
			<parameter key="adminSessionTimeout">360</parameter>
			<parameter key="userSessionTimeout">180</parameter>
  <!-- XML properties file -->
  <!-- Change the XPath attribute "value" inside ${SILVERPEAS_DATA_HOME}/workflowRepository/myWorkflow.xml file -->
  <fileset root="${SILVERPEAS_DATA_HOME}/workflowRepository/">
    <xmlfile name="myWorkflow.xml">
      <parameter key="/processModel/actions/action[@name='Archiver']/consequences/consequence/triggers/trigger/param[@name='targetComponentId']" mode="update">
        <value location="@value">kmeliaXXX</value>
  <!-- Copy file from ${SILVERPEAS_HOME}/path/to/source.txt to ${SILVERPEAS_DATA_HOME}/path/to/target.txt -->
  <fileset root="${SILVERPEAS_HOME}/path/to/">
    <copyfile name="source.txt">${SILVERPEAS_DATA_HOME}/path/to/target.txt</copyfile>

Be careful that all the paths are case sensitive (XPath and file Path).


What is the format of the CSV file for importing users in Silverpeas ?

The format is :

LastName;FirstName;Login;Email;Profile(Ex: Admin, AdminPdc, AdminDomain, User, Guest);Password

How do I unactivate the display of the importance of a publication (the stars) in Theme Tracker ?

This can be done by editing the value of showImportance in the file $SILVERPEAS_HOME/properties/org/silverpeas/kmelia/settings/ The accepted values are :

  • yes : activated
  • no : desactivated

How do I put all of Silverpeas in English ?

There are two kinds of languages in Silverpeas : one for content and one for displaying the portal.

Thus you have two files to edit : showImportance in the file $SILVERPEAS_HOME/properties/org/silverpeas/kmelia/settings/ The accepted values are :

  • : the key DefaultLanguage defines the default language for new users.
  • : the key languages defines the languages of the content.

How to put accessible some applications in Silverpeas by anyone without requiring an authentication?

First, the applications having to be accessed by anyone must have their parameter public access at true.

Then, in order to access anonymously to Silverpeas, the following steps have to be done:

  • Create a guest user with guest as both login and password and keep in mind the internal identifier of the newly created user;
  • Update the configuration file $SILVERPEAS_HOME/properties/org/silverpeas/lookAndFeel/ as follow:
    • Set the value of the parameter loginPage with the value loginAuto.jsp;
    • Set the value of the parameter anonymousId with the internal identifier of the guest user.
  • restart Silverpeas