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Deploy Silverpeas in the Cloud

A Docker image

Silverpeas 6 is available in the official repository of the Docker Hub.

To install the docker image of Silverpeas 6 in the cloud of your choice, please follow both the instructions in the Silverpeas Docker Image page and in the documentation of your cloud provider.

A VM template

Thanks to our partner UShareSoft, Silverpeas is ready to be deployed into the Cloud. For doing, we provide an appliance template with the latest stable version of Silverpeas from which you can generate an image for your virtualized environment.

Generate your cloud-ready image of Silverpeas

Our appliance template is available in the UShareSoft marketplace.

The Marketplace

First, you have to sign in to the marketplace in order to access our appliance template. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for (it is free). Then, once logged, select our appliance template, click on the Generate button, below our logo. At this point, several type of virtual images are proposed to you, one for each virtual environment (Amazon, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, ...). In order to generate a usable image of Silverpeas, we recommend you to start with an enough disk space matching your first use of Silverpeas and to set at least 4GB as memory size. (According to the virtual image format like OVA, the memory size can you not to be asked.) Once an image generated, you can download it onto your machine and then deploy it to your Cloud.

You can then subscribe to one of our support service. For doing, please visit our support page.

About UShareSoft

UShareSoft is a Fujitsu company that simplifies the delivery and the management of software for virtualized environments by providing to enterprises, ISV, and cloud providers a cloud software marketplace.

UShareSoft's UForge platform lets customers build and maintain custom cloud server templates; deliver applications on-demand with a cloud software marketplace; and migrate physical or virtual server workloads to the cloud, or from one cloud to another. UShareSoft has headquarters in Europe, an R&D center in Argentina, and offices in the United States and Japan.