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Silverpeas 6 is on the way to be released in this year. It is yet in development so there is for now only one way to install it. For Silverpeas 5, our stable version of Silverpeas, there are different ways to install it according to your aims.

Try Silverpeas

We provide an easy way to try Silverpeas 5 using Izpack with a pre-configured JBoss Server and an H2 Database.

You can find how to get in our dedicated page how to get and use our installer.

Use one of our GNU/Linux Native Packages

We are also providing GNU/Linux native packaging of Silverpeas 5. So if you want to give it a try go to our Debian and RPM packages repositories

These packages are ready for both a try or a production use, but we don't guarantee the upgrade will work fine between major versions of Silverpeas.

If you want to help us to provide a better packaging or propose new formats, feel free to look at the Github project or to fund our efforts.

Install in production

You whish to keep control on the installation process or to you whish to install Silverpeas in one of your production-ready servers running either with a Unix system or with MS-Windows, then please consult the instructions on how to install our stable version of Silverpeas 5 or the instructions on how to install Silverpeas 6.

Ready for the Cloud

Silverpeas 5 is also ready to be deployed in your cloud, thanks to our partner UShareSoft. So if you want to give it a try go to our page explaining how to get a cloud-ready image of Silverpeas. Because of the peculiar and restricted licensing of Java 6 from Oracle, the latest version of Silverpeas 5 ready to be deployed in your cloud is Silverpeas 5.13.

Document Online Edition

Silverpeas provides the users a way to edit the documents in Silverpeas by using their favorite Office Suite. This feature requires an external program to install on the user host. You will find more information about the online edition of documents in the dedicated page.


If you encounter a problem during installation or if you have any question, you can post them on the users mailing-list