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Try Silverpeas easily with our Graphical Installer

We provide an easy way to try Silverpeas using Izpack with a pre-configured JBoss Server and an H2 Database.

You have to have a Java 6 JDK installed.
You have to have ImageMagick installed as it is required to render images and the preview of documents
This version is not suitable for production!.

  1. Download the installer (~ 253 Mo)
  2. Run the following command (or double click on the jar file) java -jar Silverpeas-5.15-installer.jar
  3. When all has been installed, go to the bin directory under the installation directory and run the following scripts in that order
    1. start_db.bat (thus starting the database). Don't close the console
    2. silverpeas_start_jboss.cmd (to start Silverpeas)
  4. Now you can open a browser to http://localhost:8000/silverpeas an login using the account SilverAdmin/SilverAdmin
  5. For Mac Users, there seems to be a problem when trying Silverpeas offline, Mac OS X Lion doesn't resolve localhost. If you encounter this issue, use the following command:
    sudo ifconfig en0 alias

Try Silverpeas easily from a virtual image

Silverpeas is also ready to be deployed in your cloud, thanks to our partner UShareSoft. So if you want to give it a try go to our page explaining how to get a cloud-ready image of Silverpeas.

Try Silverpeas by using one of our GNU/Linux Native Packages

We are also providing GNU/Linux native packaging of Silverpeas. So if you want to give it a try go to our Debian and RPM packages repositories

These packages are ready for both a try or a production use, but we don't guarantee the upgrade will work fine between major versions of Silverpeas.

If you want to help us to provide a better packaging or propose new formats, feel free to look at the Github project or to fund our efforts.


If you encounter a problem during installation or if you have any question, you can post them on the users mailing-list