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Try Silverpeas easily with our Graphical Installer

We provide an easy way to try Silverpeas using Izpack with a pre-configured Wildfly application server and an H2 Database.

You have to have a Java 8 JDK installed.
You have to have ImageMagick installed as it is required to render images and the preview of documents
This version is not suitable for production!.

  1. Download the installer (~ 253 Mo)
  2. Run the following command (or double click on the jar file) java -jar Silverpeas-6.1-installer.jar
  3. When all has been installed, you can then play with Silverpeas by executing one of the following command in the bin directory of the Silverpeas installation path:
    • To start Silverpeas: silverpeas start
    • To stop Silverpeas: silverpeas stop
  4. Now you can open a browser to http://localhost:8000/silverpeas and sign in using the account SilverAdmin/SilverAdmin
  5. For Mac Users, there seems to be a problem when trying Silverpeas offline, Mac OS X Lion doesn't resolve localhost. If you encounter this issue, use the following command:
    sudo ifconfig en0 alias

Try Silverpeas easily from our Docker image dedicated explicitly to tests

Silverpeas can be also easily tested by using the Docker image of Silverpeas 6 dedicated to tests. You can find it in our Docker repository.

The Docker repository of our tests images provides both a Docker image to test a stable version of Silverpeas and a Docker image with the latest build version of the next stable major release of Silverpeas