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The Silverpeas Collaborative Platform can be freely downloaded and deployed into your organization. Because it is a professional business class product, you may need some help, support or to be able to ask questions about how to install it in your specific environment or how to tweak it for your requirements. The Silverpeas team provides several ways of support, from a simple mailing-list to a business active support.


If you don't have subscribed to any professional support and have some questions, you can join us at the mailing-lists below. They are hosted by Google Groups, so you will have to create an account (but it doesn't require a gmail account).

Issue tracking

We provide a web tool to track issues from our all users, customers and contributors. You can help us to improve the Silverpeas Collaborative Platform by submitting bug reports or by asking for new features.

The feature asks are only treated within a business approach.

Our issue tracking system is available at Silverpeas Redmine. To avoid spamming, accounts have read-only access per default. Please, send an email to support at so that we know your real person ;) and you 'll get writting rights.

Business Support

If you wish to be supported in your use of the Silverpeas Collaborative Platform or if you need some additional features or an adaptation of some of them to your requirements, we provides you with different levels of business supports. Theses offers are defined by our commercial entity which provides also some SaaS offers (SilverCloud).

Please consult our commercial site at