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Upgrading from Silverpeas 5.1 to Silverpeas 5.2

Before Silverpeas 5.2 there were two configuration files to be manually edited. With Silverpeas 5.2, all the general configuration parameters are in the file config.xml. Now you will find config.xml containing the part that has to be manually edited and SilverpeasSettings.xml which provides a defaultconfiguration for Silverpeas, overriden by creating a CustomerSettings.xml.
If you need some specific configuration you can create a CustomerSettings.xml file and define your own configuration elements like it is done in the SilverpeasSettings.xml file.

On the Windows plateform another step is required, you have to manually edit the %JBOSS_HOME%\bin\run.bat file and remove the line 77 (or comment it, adding rem before the command) :

set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Xms512m -Xmx512m


Silverpeas V5 can be installed over the last stable version of Silverpeas V4, a.k.a. Silverpeas V4 P410-M3. As Silverpeas V5 has only the migration scripts from this version, you must upgrade to Silverpeas V4 P410-M3 before any migration to Silverpeas V5.

Preparing the new installation

Silverpeas needs a Java SE Development Kit (JDK) at least of version 6, which can be downloaded from Sun here.
Don't forget to set-up the environment variable %JAVA_HOME%.

Apache Maven

Apache Maven 2.2.x is used in Silverpeas for the building of components and the assembly. It must be installed on the target platform.
For correct installation, see Maven - The Definitive Guide

For more information about Apache Maven, please see the their website or download the ebook

Environment Variables

In order for Silverpeas V5 to run ,the follwing environment variables must have been set :

  • %SILVERPEAS_HOME% : pointing to the installation directory of Silverpeas.
  • %$JBOSS_HOME% : pointing to the installation directory of JBoss.

These variables should be available to the user running Silverpeas. With FireDaemon on Windows that means that the variables should be set as system variables.


Configuring the JDBC Driver

Silverpeas default configuration is using Postgresql, but if you plan to use Oracle you need a special step to add the JDBC driver to Silverpeas.

First, you need to install the Oracle JDBC driver in your local repository with the following command :

mvn install:install-file -DartifactId=ojdbc6 -Dpackaging=jar -Dversion= -DgeneratePom=true -Dfile=/path/to/jar

Now that the driver is available for Maven, edit the file %SILVERPEAS_HOME%\bin\pom.xml and add the following code :

  • Oracle :

Before, following Silverpeas installation instructions, one last step is required : you need to copy the driver jar file into %SILVERPEAS_HOME%\bin\jar and edit the script %SILVERPEAS_HOME%\bin\dbBuilder.bat adding the Oracle JDBC driver to the CLASSPATH.

Configuring Silverpeas

Now, you have to edit your configuration file : %SILVERPEAS_HOME%\setup\settings\CustomerSettings.xml in order to take into account your new environment. The configuration is quite simple : you have to replace all $SILVERPEAS_HOME\silverpeas\ with $SILVERPEAS_HOME\.
In order to keep your existing data, you have to edit the provided %SILVERPEAS_HOME%\setup\settings\SilverpeasSettings.xml to define the correct directory to your data root directory.